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Public Relations Professional training course

Gentlemen: training Department

The International Training &Consultation Center is pleased to invite you to attend the training program, the information required are in the following:

Public Relations Professional


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • List the functions of public relations in a changing environment

  • Plan and organize a PR program by familiarizing themselves with the main functions of a PR professional

  • Practice the key communication skills and techniques essential for performing their PR duties

  • Implement their know-how to communicate effectively with the internal and external public of the organization

  • Justify the role of a PR professional in supporting the image and reputation of the organization by becoming proficient in both verbal and written communication

  • Prepare and execute a press conference

Course outline

PR in a changing environment

  • The origin and development of PR

  • Definitions of PR

  • Scope of PR

  • Objectives of PR

  • Guiding principles of PR professionals

  • PR campaigns

  • New roles and perspectives

  • The role of PR in building and supporting the image of the organization

The functions of PR

  • Management principles

  • Planning and organizing the activities of PR

  • Leading and controlling PR projects

  • Ingredients of successful PR planning

  • Main qualities of PR professionals

  • PR position in the organization

  • Responsibilities of the PR professional

PR and communication

  • Communicating with the internal and external public

  • Key components in communication

  • Diffusion and effects of communication

  • What makes effective communicators in PR

  • Communication functions

  • Overcoming barriers in communication

  • Nonverbal communication

  • The communication abilities for PR professionals

The role of PR professionals in dealing with the internal and external public

  • Understanding difficult personalities

  • Dealing with difficult personalities

Oral communication skills

  • Kinds of verbal communication

  • How to prepare for a presentation or a speech

  • Rehearsing your presentation or speech

  • Verbal and non verbal skills while presenting

Written communication skills

  • Writing for the eye and ear

  • Fundamentals of writing

  • Written communication media

  • Preparing a press release

  • Writing and producing newsletters

  • Designing and producing brochures

  • Preparing articles for magazines

Press conferences

  • Defining a press conference

  • Reasons to hold a press conference

  • Conducting a press conference

  • Preparing a media and press kit

  • Building good relations with the media

  • Principles of dealing with the press during a crisis

Public Relations Professional

Registration & Contact information

  • Please sent confirmation letter for attending, to the following contacts:

  • amal@itcegy.com

  • Amal abdulrhman

  • Training Advisor

  • 00201110056192

If you would like any further information, please don't hesitate to contact me

Training Advisor| amal abdulrhman

Mob| 00201110056192

E-Mail| amal@itcegy.com

With respect

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