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Geological drawing (geological maps) and a database training course 2020

Gentlemen / Training Administration

We are pleased and honored to International training and consultation center implementation course entitled

Geological drawing (geological maps) and a database


• developing the skills of the modern foundations, roads and the definition of the importance of geological map.

• To give trainees the knowledge and experience to the geological mapping.

• definition of the content of the maps Aljiulouhah and elements.

• To give the knowledge to read and analyse the phenomena of geological hazards on geological maps.

Table objective of the training program

Geological drawing (geological maps) and a database

1. General Introduction to the geology and various Asthaddamth.

2. Introduction to drawing geological and geological maps.

3. The concept and the importance of and the types of geological maps.

4. Symbols of global geological and terminology used in geological mapping.

5. Methods of representation forms of igneous rocks on geological maps.

6. Methods of horizontal layers and oblique and vertical representation of sedimentary rocks on geological maps.

7. Ways to represent the cracks and inflections on geological maps.

8. Ways to represent fractures and faults on geological maps.

9. Methods of geological hazards on the geological maps representation.

10. Methods of representation of the mineral resources on geological maps.

11. Steps geological mapping.

12. Read and interpret geological map.

13. Create geological sectors.

14. The use of databases in drawing Alajabulojy.

15. Drawing and directed by geological maps of geographic information systems (GIS).

الإطار العام (Course Emphasis)

العرض المالي Geological drawing (geological maps) and a database

For further information or wish to register please contact the

Professor / Amal Abdul Rahman

Training Consultant

Egypt Branch / 00201110056192

فرع الامارات / 00971561206492

البريد الالكترونى / amal@itcegy.com

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