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Introduction to Geographic Information Systems “GIS” training course 2020

Gentlemen: training Department

The International Training &Consultation Center is pleased to invite you to attend the training program, the information required are in the following:

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems “GIS”


• Use online resources to quickly create a GIS map.

• Describe two common data models used to represent real-world objects and phenomena in a GIS.

• Evaluate geographic data for use in a GIS mapping project.

• Explore a GIS map and access information about map features.

• Visually analyze feature relationships and patterns on a GIS map.

• Create queries to find and select features that meet specific criteria.

• Prepare a GIS map to share information and present analysis results.

Course outline

Course introduction

What is GIS?

• How a GIS works

• What can you do with a GIS?

• Discover, use, make, share

• Introducing an online GIS

• Using a GIS

• Defining GIS

What is GIS data?

• Vector geometries

• Vector information

• Raster basics

• Data storage

• Metadata

• Which data to use?

• Choosing data models

Navigating a GIS map

• Layers

• Scale

• Moving around a map

• Data and layout view

• Moving around a map layout

Finding information

• Info tools and attributes

• Attribute query basics

• Location query basics

• Creating queries

• Querying maps

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems “GIS”

The cost of the program include the following

  • The training package.

  • Certificates in Arabic and English for each participant.

  • Training tools (projector, pens and writing papers).

  • Evaluations.

  • The instructor.

  • The training hall.

  • Airport transfers.

Registration & Contact information

  • Please sent confirmation letter for attending, to the following contacts:

  • amal@itcegy.com

  • Amal abdulrhman

  • Training Advisor

  • 00201110056192

If you would like any further information, please don't hesitate to contact me

Training Advisor| amal abdulrhman

Mob| 00201110056192

E-Mail| amal@itcegy.com

With respect

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