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Fundamentals of Human Resources training course

Gentlemen: training Department

The International Training &Consultation Center is pleased to invite you to attend the training program, the information required are in the following:

Fundamentals of Human Resources


The aim of the program is to enable the participant to know the basic and sub-functions of the human resources sector, since the companies and government agencies do not deviate from the human resources department, and know the characteristics and operations related to the department.

Course outline

- Human Resource Management

The concept of human resources

The emergence of the concept of human resources

History of the development of the concept of human resources

Human resources objectives

Human Resource Management

Organization of human resources management

Operational and advisory aspects of human resources

- Job analysis

- Human resources planning

- Human resources challenges

- Training

- Wages and compensation

- Performance evaluation

- Stimulus

Fundamentals of Human Resources

Payment Information

  • Payment by bank check on behalf of the International Training &Consultation Center.

  • Payment by funds transfer.

  • Cash.

Registration & Contact information

  • Please sent confirmation letter for attending, to the following contacts:

  • amal@itcegy.com

  • Amal abdulrhman

  • Training Advisor

  • 00201110056192

If you would like any further information, please don't hesitate to contact me

Training Advisor| amal abdulrhman

Mob| 00201110056192

E-Mail| amal@itcegy.com

With respect

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