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HR Skills for Non HR Professionals training course

Gentlemen: training Department

The International Training &Consultation Center is pleased to invite you to attend the training program, the information required are in the following:

HR Skills for Non HR Professionals


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • List and apply manager's HR functions

  • Define the roles and responsibilities of managers in recruitment and onboarding

  • Conduct effective performance appraisal meetings

  • Identify and evaluate training needs

  • Handle employees complaints, grievances, and turnover

Course outline

  • Getting the right people

  • What HR is really about

  • Human Resources Development and Evolution

  • HR: towards a modern definition

  • Ally with HR department

  • The HR functions of managers

  • Workforce planning

  • Attracting the right talent through referrals

  • Interviewing skills for line managers

  • Building a job profile

  • Preparing technical assessments

  • Welcoming a new family member

  • Onboarding - job orientation

  • Does induction mean orientation or is there a difference?

  • Benefits of induction and orientation program to employees and organizations

  • First day on the job

  • Induction content

  • Role and responsibility of the new employee’s manager during the first few days

  • Values, culture and code of conduct

  • Evaluating effectiveness of on-boarding

  • Performance management

  • Definition of performance management

  • Overview of the annual performance cycle

  • Mistakes in performance management

  • Employee assessment best practices

  • 360 degree versus 180 degree

  • Coaching, counseling and mentoring

  • Training and development

  • Why Identify Needs?

  • Identifying training needs

  • Career development

  • The career development process and links with HR

  • Succession planning

  • Building a personal development plan

  • Learning styles

  • On the job training

  • Evaluating training effectiveness

  • Handling employee complaints

  • Employee moral

  • The definition of a grievance

  • Grievances versus complaints

  • The grievance handling procedures

  • Your role before, during and after the exit interview

  • Analyzing turnover

  • Healthy versus unhealthy turnover

HR Skills for Non HR Professionals

The cost of the program include the following

  • The training package.

  • Certificates in Arabic and English for each participant.

  • Training tools (projector, pens and writing papers).

  • Evaluations.

  • The instructor.

  • The training hall.

Registration & Contact information

  • Please sent confirmation letter for attending, to the following contacts:

  • amal@itcegy.com

  • Amal abdulrhman

  • Training Advisor

  • 00201110056192

If you would like any further information, please don't hesitate to contact me

Training Advisor| amal abdulrhman

Mob| 00201110056192

E-Mail| amal@itcegy.com

With respect

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